About Us

Enterprise IT Ltd is a premier provider of document imaging and document management solutions that solves mission-critical problems for our clients through interactive re-engineering business processes and superb customer service that provides a powerful competitive leverage in today’s market.

Imaging Solutions offers a full suite of products and services for addressing a wide variety of Enterprise Content Management needs. Enterprise Content Management or ECM includes the technologies, tools and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver data, information, images, emails, forms, documents and other content across an enterprise.

As an experienced systems integrator and custom software developer, Imaging Solutions serves local to international clients with best-in-class Enterprise Content Management software, scanners and storage devices, design and implementation services, system training and on-going support.

Other terms that apply to what we do include document imaging, image capture, forms processing, data capture, digital imaging, document capture, content management, workflow, records management, Business Process Management and information lifecycle management.