Visual Savings Card™ Counter Solution

Visual Savings Card™ Counter Solution

What is it?

The Visual Savings Card™ is a reusable card that displays and updates the balance with each transaction, allowing members to save and budget for bills and special occasions, in a safe and secure manner.

How does it work?

Each member is issued with their own reusable card. The system employs a unique inkless card reader and proprietary software.


  • Increase the footfall and cash flow in your credit union
  • Grow the membership in your common bond with a new savings service
  • The reusable card features a direct advertising feature, allowing you to promote your credit union and its services to your member.
  • Offer a penny bank or Christmas Club
  • Address compliancy issues with an existing paper based savings stamps service


  • Safe, secure, PIN protected card, with optional photographic ID linked to each member on screen
  • Cards are custom designed with graphics and logos to Credit Unions requirements
  • Full control over what information can be displayed on cards.
  • Daily addition and withdrawal limits can be placed on cards to combat money laundering activity
  • Full audit trail and reporting facility on all transaction in line with current compliance recommendations
  • Reports available for external end of year audit
  • Unlike paper based stamps lost cards can be replaced! Members money is always safe
  • Password protect software functionality
  • Database backup facility
  • Unique ID on multiple teller installations