Visual Savings Card™ Schools

Visual Savings Card™ Schools

Are you looking for a simple way to introduce the Credit Union concept to schools?

An attractive method of increasing membership in your Common Bond?

Other methods of introducing the Credit Union at school concept fail for a few simple reasons - they are abstract, offer no tangible meaning to children and they prove too difficult to deliver and manage by staff. Read about the proven solution that has addressed all these problems and more.

The Visual Savings Card™ system for schools, is THE way to deliver a savings service to junior members. It removes the need for manual transactions and more importantly offers a service that junior members respond to. It's cool!


  • A unique custom designed attractive reusable saving card that displays and updates the balance when a transaction is made. It's Cool!
  • A fully portable system in a sturdy aluminum case
  • 10.1" notebook
  • Visual Savings Card™ software and licence
  • Blank school database
  • VSC card reader/writer


  • No more manual transactions - full report system and audit trail
  • Protection against money loss and bullying issues
  • Cater for both Credit Union members and non members at school
  • Class and school information available on cards
  • Update class information automatically for new school year
  • Increase the membership in your common bond
  • Introduce the Credit Union concept to junior members in an exciting way!