Visual Savings Card™ Kiosk

Visual Savings Card™ Kiosk

What is it?

The Visual Savings Card™, is a reusable card that displays and updates the balance with each transaction, allowing members to save and budget for bills and special occasions in a safe and secure manner. The self service kiosk is designed for a busy environment, where members do not have to queue at a dedicated teller position in order to use the service.

How does it work?

Each member is issued with their own reusable card. Members who wish to save can proceed to the kiosk with their card and save money in selected currency denominations. The Kiosk can accept both notes and coin, so change does not have to be obtained at a teller point. After saving, the balance is updated and displayed on the card. To redeem money, the card is read and the member inputs their PIN. A receipt is issued for the balance, which can be scanned at any teller point with a barcode scanner.


  • Reduce queues at the counter
  • No need to issue change for paper stamps as the kiosk accepts both notes and coins
  • Suitable for a busy banking hall with a large volume of savings stamps transactions
  • Each transaction is recorded - full audit trail
  • Full reporting system available to reconcile cash at the day end routine
  • End of year reports available to external auditors
  • Tackle compliance and internal auditing issues by safe guarding your savings stamps service